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Maturing Prison Technology

Europris ICT Workshop 2022

It's almost summertime, traditional a period to reflect on some interesting events and evolutions over the past academic year. I've seen it has been more then a year since I've posted my latest article hear. The global pandemic has accelerated both the adoption and the conversations related to the value of technology in corrections... which als has kept me very busy the last year.

This has a topic quite high on the agenda of many jurisdictions and also on the agenda of some interesting virtual and life events. One of the events was the Europris ICT in Prisons Workshop in Istanbul in April. My dear friend and colleague Dr. Victoria Knight wrote a very insightful reflection on what happened during this real interesting live event, hosted by the General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses in Turkey.

"Digital Services can support human flourishing without framing the solution based merely on risk and punishment. Designing in rehabilitative and desistance pathways is now underway." (Knight, 2022). You can find the full report here:

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