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ICPA Florida 2022

In a couple of weeks we'll be at the 2022 Annual ICPA Conference. It has been a while since we were able to organise a real physical conference. For many of the ICPA family it will be great to finally meet again without a webcam and fake office background. Technology has changed a lot the last couple of years. Many have written about the pro's and con's, about the challenges and the changes it has brought into our work, or lives, the way we communicate.

This change has been also quite disruptive in the prison and probation settings, where quite suddenly people were fored to look and adopt technological alternatives for physical contacts. Suddenly the conversations about technology broke out of the isolated settings of ICT departments or Fancyt Tech Events... this conversation became a cross-organisational one.

During the ICPA Conference we try to continue this conversation with some expert from all over the world: technology experts and correctional professionals will share their thoughts, experiences and expectations on the future of technology in corrections, opportunities & challenges, limites and ethical considerations. I'm looking forward to participate in this and learn! See you in Orlando!

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