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Corrections Technology Conference 2023 in Adelaide

The successful editions of the Technology for Corrections Conferences in Europe (TIC ), organised by ICPA and Europris, have increasingly attracted interest from all parts of the world. This increasing interest and additional ICPA members & participants feedback and demands convinced the ICPA Technology Solutions Network and the ICPA Board that there is a need and space for an additional/complementary Conference on Technology in Corrections outside Europe.

So we are proud to announce that the Department for Correctional Services South Australia has offerd to host ICPA's Corrections Technology Conference in Adelaide, 23-26 May 2023.

The technological landscape has changed substantially during the past years. The global pandemic has accelerated the implementation of new digital solutions and attracted a broader audience of people to reflect on how technology can be used as a partner to support our correctional missions. This brought us to the idea of focussing this conference on how that partnership looks and improving our understanding of how technology is or can be seen by correctional professionals as an inspiration of effective change. The theme of the event will be: 'Technology - a partner and inspiration of correctional modernisation'. We are convinced this conference will give public sector, private sector, academics, NGOs and other international agencies the opportunity to share insights, new developments and projects where innovative digital solutions are used to help corrections to address issues facing prisons and probation today.

So, I am enthousiast to invite all of you to join us in Adelaide, 23-26 May 2023 for our 1st Corrections Technology Conference, hosted by the Department for Correctional Services South Australia. This event will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

See you in Adelaide!

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