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Digital transformation in corrections through IT/OT Convergence

For the new issue of Justice Trends Magazine I have worked together with Simon Bonk, CIO of the Correctional Service of Canada and Ser Leng Kuai, the formal CIO of Singapore Prison Service on analysing the impact of technology convergence has on Corrections. Prisons are full of operational and security technology such as CCTV camera's, perimeter detection systems and electronic locks. With the evolution towards the Internet of Things all those technologies are potential sensors and intelligent devices within an technological ecosystem. But how far are we from enabling this technology to support innovation, improving efficiency, security and a more dynamic, human and rehabilitation-focused environment?

Although a lot of technology is currently available and in many prisons also present, It will need a lot of courage and organisational change to get the potential out of it and move towards Smarter Prisons...

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