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Prisoners work in e-commerce

The Flemish University College Odisee is exploring the possibility to let prisoners work in e-commerce and handle online orders. The idea is that the development of a strong logistic and e-commerce profile would increase their changes on the labor market after release. In the prison of Beveren in Belgium, there is already a couple of months a pilot project running where prisoners are working in a call-center. This is another example how technology depended labor could be offered to prisoners. The impacts of digital technologies on labor markets are substantial. Today computers have displaced workers in a wide range of routine work, including many manufacturing jobs — work that is typically

A Tailor is Needed: Lessons to learn from the use of Technology in the treatment of Offenders in Fo

With great interest I've read the publication of an important review on eHealth in treatment of Offenders in Forensic mental Health. The authors, Hanneke Kip, Yvonne H. A. Bouman, Saskia M. Kelders and Lisette J. E. W. C. van Gemert-Pijnen, undertook a systematic review of international literature in which the use of technology for a wide range of treatment purposes of patients in forensic settings, has been used. The findings in this study are confirming that the usage of technology (eHealth) has many benefits as well as some risks and challenges. I would like to encourage people who are looking into implementing technology-driven solutions for offender management to read this article. Alth

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