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Tablets in prisons: the device monopoly

Schools are faced with a difficult decision - what technology would work best in the classroom? Laptops, tablets, smartphones, or something else? And, does it really matter? An interesting article on made me think about how we deal with this in prisons: inmate Educational Solutions... what kind of device to choose? The distribution of small tablets in Correctional Facilities all over the world is going fast. The benefits of enabling digital services to inmates for daily activities, entertainment, communication and learning are great. But often the positive aspects of enabling inmate participation, engagement and learning by using technology is overwhelmed by a device-or

The capacity and capability of digital innovation in prisons: towards smart prisons

Our latest, co-authered publication with Dr. Victoria Knight on digital innovation in prisons has been published in Advancing Corrections Journal. In this article we explore the process of innovation in the context of prisons and more specifically the use and availability of digital technologies. Digital technologies attract the innovation label meaning they are heralded as a new frontier. This is especially resonant in the landscape of prisons, as traditionally and typically prisons are sites of deprivation, control and surveillance. We reflect on the capacity and capability of prison services to transform these organisations using digital technology. We also question why digital technologi

Innovation in rehabilitation: Building better futures - ICPA Conference 2017

We participated at the Annual Conference of the International Corrections and Prisons Association in London. During this conference more then 700 correctional professionals from more then 80 countries shared idea's and best practices on corrections and rehabilitation. The main focus during this intensive week was innovation in rehabilitation. Together with dr. Victoria Knight we shared our idea's on technology innovation in corrections. An article will published soon in Advancing Corrections Journal. Many technology products and implementations where presented and discussed. Still a lot of fear, resistance and practical problems are discouraging correctional agencies to embrace and adopt the

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