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CTA Conference 2017 - St. Louis

We have been presenting the activities of the International Corrections and Prisons Association Technology Solutions Group at the Corrections Technology Association Annual Conference in St. Louis. This annual event is a unique opportunity to exchange idea's on the use of Technology in Corrections in the US, to share ideas from #correctionstech2017 on how Technology can be used to improve corrections and to promote research and evidence based approaches.

Developping a needs based strategy: digital transformation in corrections

IT was a pleasure to present with dr. Victoria Knight - The Montfort University (Leicester) during the 2nd Technology for Corrections Conference in Prague. Successful digital government projects all over the world have shown that new technologies can be used to improve the way governments are organizing their services. A digital transformation means much more then ‘going paperless’: the transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply to enhance and support the traditional methods. A digital transformation of corrections is not just about inserting standalone solutions such as video conference

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