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Since 2015 I am working as a consultant in the area of innovation and technology strategy for prisons and probation services.  As an Enterprise Architect and Technology for Corrections Expert I'm passionate on how ICT and technology can support and enable transformations in Corrections.  


I have studied Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Ghent. After graduation, I have started to work as a probation officer in Antwerp. This rich learning experience is still helping me a lot today not to forget that we are working with and for individuals with their own story and their own needs.   


With the growth of the organisation at that time came the need for a better national IT support. As a project manager, I took the challenge to coordinate the successful development and implementation of an offender management system for the Belgian Probation Service (Houses of Justice). In that period I have studied a lot to enlarge my knowledge on Information Technology:  installing computers and servers, developing software in java and .NET, setting up computer networks and servers. 


In 2009 I became a certified Enterprise IT Architect at the University of Antwerp Management School. As the IT Director of the Directorate General Penitentiary Institutions, I recieved the support of the management to concentrate on implementing the principles of IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture in the Belgian Prison Service. I've developed and managed the IT service with a strong focus on finding flexible solutions as an answer to the wide variety of business needs within the complex penitentiary context. 

Since 2008 I have been increasingly involved in international projects, and in particular on new ICT Architecture models with a strong focus on the inmate as an active and responsible participant and client of ICT services. During this period I have focused on using ICT as an enabler to establish closer cooperation between different actors on the national and international level in the field of justice and prisons.


I helped to set up a network of ICT managers and experts within the European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris)​, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) and have been actively involved in International projects, workshops, conferences and discussions. 

As I strongly believe in evidence-based approaches, I actively promote the development of research in the area of technology within the correctional world.  As a researcher I work closely together with researchers and universities across the world.


Today I use my knowledge and experience to promote innovation and the well thought through, evidence-based usage of ICT and Technology in Corrections.



Steven Van De Steene

Steven Van De Steene

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