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Enterprise Design

Prisons and Correctional agencies are facing Major Challenges. Correctional professionals all over the world are looking for new solutions for complex problems such as overcrowding, radicalisation, racism, health care, mental health, new security threats, shrinking budgets and high recidivism rates.


The road to successful correctional reform is full of obstacles and conflicting interests: finding a balance between Security in all its meanings, the importance of the individual and his Re-entry into society and the need to increase Efficiency by doing more and better with less.


As policy makers, academics and correctional experts are continuously looking for ways to realise this correctional transformation, Smart Corrections focusses on analyzing what the digital world can mean in this. We believe Enterprise architecture (EA) can help us with a well thought-through redesign of our ICT & Technology systems.


Any innovative technology design starts not from tools and products, but from the mission, vision and objectives of your organisation.

We can help you plan, design and implement technology - related programs and projects.

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